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KHK Capital – who we are
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KHK Capital provides short-term, property-backed loans to property professionals for business purposes.

Our borrower’s typically use the funds to refurbish or develop the properties, then sell or refinance.

KHK started life in 2016 as a small “family office”, offering loans with our own funds. We gradually brought in cash from other HNW private investors, and in 2020 established a formal revolving credit facility from a major bank, which funded continued growth.

We have kept our own funds alongside our investors throughout and continue to do so.

The river Thames
houses in London

We stand well positioned for further growth with

Good infrastructure
Strong demand
Established funding lines
A strong track record for responsible lending

Lending Philosophy and Aims

Responsible and conservative lending to property professionals for sensible property projects.

Project Essentials

Each project must:

Be managed by lead professional(s) with suitable skills and experience for the project;

Have a sensible business purpose with appropriate return

Have a viable exit strategy.

Due Diligence procedures include:

Suitable solicitors carrying out



- Investigation and registration of Title

Careful investigation of property value, usually involving a formal report from a suitable RICS valuer.

A Sketch of the Lending Profile

grey building
Property Types

Predominantly residential; 15-25% commercial and semi-commercial


70-75% South-East England. Remainder in other English regions, and a few in Wales (no Scotland)

Project Types

50-60% Bridging; 20-30% Light Development; 15-25% Development

Security Type

90%+ of loans are secured against a First Charge on the property security (the remainders take a Second or Equitable Charge). We usually also take a Debenture and a Personal Guarantee.


Max: 24 months
Average: Around 15 months
Typically 12m initially, often extended up to 24m.


Max: £4,000,000
Min: £250,000
Average: Around £900,000


Max 75%; average below 65%

Rates & Fees

Targeting 12-13% average IRR

Case Studies

Monitoring and Reporting

Our senior creditors require high standards of reporting, transparency and operational rigour. We are happy to share our reporting.

Operational Oversight

A third-party auditor audits our operations quarterly and produces written reports.

Financial Reporting

Monthly financial reports are produced usually within 3 weeks of every month end.

Annual Accounting

We produce audited accounts within 90 days of each year end.

London building
houses in London

​“A bridge loan company that has the customer in mind.”


Developer and KHK Borrower

Contact us

For any inquiries, please call or email us.

7 Stratford Place, London, England, W1C 1AY
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